Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Electronica Tribute

The inspiration for this piece came from the music that constantly beats in my head. This collage is composed of numerous images that relate to some of my favorite electronica artists. They are: M.I.A., Justice, and Chromeo.

The burning man scuplture has an almost omnious shape and I would venture to say that M.I.A. is definitely one of the "heads" of this genre. The background synthizer is an early model Yamaha that most definitely helped shape electronic music. Although the cross gives you religious undertones, it actually is based off of Justice's concept album, Cross.

The robotic ambience of the piece represents the sound of these artists while the globes represent the beats. Plus, I just liked the way they all came together. My aim was to incorporate many different elements into this collage but I really liked the way these initally appeared and decided not to mess with them too much.

clipart's revenge

To be honest, clip art and the randomness of it really have never clicked for me. Art to me seems like something a 3 year old couldn't do. Many things I've seen its a copy paste sort of deal and people arrange it and call it art. I wasn't excited at all to do anything with copy and pasting until i decided to kick it up like 20 notches.

This tropical sunset is a culmination of about 30-40 different images, with each layer having its hue, levels, color adjusted with each one also having different filters, and many different dodge and burn techniques.

They sky alone is of 10 different pictures i blended together. Many things stand out but i wanted it to seem surreal, and intriguing. I could have kept going but i felt it was pretty finished because it just seems to click for me. Although it may not be perfect i think its different and shows how much work i put into it

Monday, October 20, 2008

My pictures

So these are my two Collage peices. Except for man in the second one all textures have been pulled from magazines and put through various filters as well as stacked images. I only used a few diffrent filters beucase If I used to many I would ruin the pictures as I saw them.
Each of these represents a place I have seen and would like to visit again

A mIX oF THE PAST and THE future

For this assignment i decided to combine concepts of the past with images of the present. I took images that make me afraid of the future, such as the media and corporate America and combined these two fears into two stunning images.

the primary corner in town

I found a few pictures of some unique signs Ive seen that all happened to use the primary colors, then I ran with the coordination of colors to create an altered image of a street corner in San Francisco. I had fun with this one.

Lively Desert

This is a combination of two different desert pictures with a picture of a stream incorporated into it. I added all of the other plants and such into it to give it a lively feel. The sunflower in the sky represents the sun. When I made this I was just thinking I'd recreate a desert by putting different pictures together to form a realistic desert, but then thought what the heck, and added some nice potted cacti, some cattails by the stream, and a desaturated cactus to kind of mask the harsh transition between the two different skies. The sunflower kind of creeps me out, because the way that the light hits it it looks so out of place in the sky, and looks as if it's descending down upon the group of little cacti.

Welcome to the apocalyptic battle of Lobster v. Lobster!
Will the universe collapse upon itself in the midst of their torrential battle?
It is advisable to take a position similar to your skeletal comrade and pray for the best!


This is a mixture of scanner art and digital drawing with a stylus.

Something to Think About

this image represents many of the various things that go thorough my head while i "space out". some of the images are the type of thing to inspire a doodle or a story. the combination of real life and fantasy tells of the constant battle between the kid in me and the adult in me.

Stawberry Fields Forever

When doing this project, I didn't really know what I wanted to do and it took me a while to decide. I decided to do a collage/tribute to John Lennon, a legend. In doing my project I played around a lot with the blending and eraser tool so it all went well together. I am a huge Beatle fan so this piece was a lot of fun. First I used the sun to represent "Here comes the sun." I wanted the background to be sepia color and the objects to be in color. I took "strawberry fields" and made it part of John Lennon's body. That part was the most difficult because I had to put the opacity down most of the way and outline his body so strawberrys were only on his body, and then I made the opacity higher so it took like the stawberrys were included in his body image. I used the memorial in Central Park to illustrate the rememberance of such an amazing hero.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


For this assignment I used some of my old B&W 35mm negatives. The original shoot was about dreaming, and trying to capture some of the really bizarre situations that only the subconscious can create.
I was having a hard time coming up with an idea for this project, so I kind of just scanned my negatives and improved from there. This is the end result and I'm pretty happy with it. The coloring was done using layer blending styles and masking. While it wasn't the most challenge piece I've done, I still feel the end result is good.