Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Neat Colors.

I can see clearly now..

These were old photos I used; we took them with the idea of making album art for our imaginary band. I played with colors and multiple layers to give them the feeling that they were taken in an alternate reality.

Photo Alterations

For assignment 3 I just played around with different tutorials in the bookmarks. The first one is just a shot I took of a bird a while ago, that I gave a "night vision" look.The second photograph was one I took of a lighthouse in Maine that I gave a fog effect.

The last picture is a mosaic I made up of my dog out of the same picture, and another picture of my cat.

My pieces

Ok My first one was a sketch of my Dog, I used the tutotorial to a tee... I think I could have done it better
These two peices are from the Watercolor portrait tutorial, the upper one follows the tutorial exactly while the bottom one I added a water color filter to make it that much more a Water color. I can't choose which I like better. It doesn't help that I can't find a more dignified picture of my boyfriend. (the only other one I have is him sticking his tounge out....)
This comic one was started as an anniversery gift but I didn't like the way It came out so it was bumped to a Project. I did something wrong because what was supposed to look like a Comic panel looks like I put halftones over a picture. I swear its not that way

Photo manipulation

Transforming in photoshop

I thought this was a cool way to illustrate transforming of two things, and making it into one person....even if it is a little creepy.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'Self Portrait Caricature' by Masque
Drawn using Xara X.
This is one example of digital drawing that I found in an online gallery. I think it's pretty cool.

Goggle Glam

I played with numerous effects but really liked the reflection effect results the best. I decided to stick to the snowboard goggle theme and took it in various directions. This was one of my first ideas: to have a background that did not quite match the reflection of the goggle. The background is off a subway platform in New York and the reflection is of Mount Mansfield.

I originally created numerous photos of myself and others with their goggle lenses replaced with different and even comical imagery. I then decided that I really liked the image of the goggle lense by itself and the next photos stem from that.
For this one, I used numerous photo filters to replicate the relfective tints of snowboarding goggles. I took assorted photos of myself snowboarding and used the Spherize filter and the gradient tool in an attemopt to duplicate a relaistic goggle reflection. I then took another image of myself, added it to the background, and healvily pixelated it using the Color Halftone filter.

This next image is along the same lines but the background was heavily altered to the point where it almost resembles a metallic landscape.

and then I added color and then Halftoned the background:

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Face of the Nations

This is my second project; my flag. I knew from the start of this project that I wanted to do something that involved the flags of different nations of the world. I didn't like the first idea or two, because they didn't seem to carry much symbolism with them, or seemed more silly than I would have liked them to be.
Then I decided to make a face out of the countries' flags, representing kind of a "face of the world." I liked the idea a lot more than the previous ones. I ended up combining a variety of different flags (well over 50.), sometimes putting some together to form a pattern (like the ones around the eyes, the top being the Papau's flag and the bottom being Japan's flag). Since it was difficult to create shadow or contrast with the flags, since they were all fairly colorful or contained more than one color within them, I decided to dodge and burn the face afterwards to create more of a dimensional face. I decided to leave the background white to make it simplistic, as well as emphasize the flag-face.

You Have the Right to Wave Your Flag

Flags are for waving. If the world needs a United Flag, then why don't we have a flag that symbolizes our equal rights to wave our flag, I think that is something we can all unite under.

Massive amounts of tricks

The link above i have posted a link that gives you litterly a thousand ways to edit photos or videos check it out!

How to colorize black and white photo's

I was searching the internet and found a couple really neat things you can do with photoshop that amazed me, one of them being how to colorize photo's. The video tutorial is really in depth, and its fun to try yourself.

my things

Not particularly talkitive today. This flag is inspired by Shiva